Apple And Cider Jelly

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Apple And Cider Jelly


makes dozen oz aprox

1. roughly chop the apples(including the skin and core) and put them in alarge heatproof bowl add the cider and lemon rind, then partially coverthe bowl with microwave clingfilm. microwave on high for 10-12 minutesuntil the apples are soft, stirring twice during cooking.

2. puree the apples in a food processor then pour into large nylon sieveplaced over a bowl leave to drip for 2 hours set the drained pulp asidefor the apple and rum spread measure the apple juice there should be about half pint but if necessary make up to half a pint with some cold water

3. pour the apple juice into a medium sized heatproof bowl and stir in thesugar microwave uncovered on high for 8-9 minutes until a teaspoon of thejelly dropped on to a chilled saucer forms a skin after 1 minute carefullypour the jelly into a clean warm jar and cover with a waxed paper discallow to cool then cover with a lid