Apple Chunk Cake


Frosting: Bake in 13 x 9 pan at 350, 35-40 min. Spray pan with Pam or grease it. Dust cool cake with powdered sugar, or frost with cream cheese frosting. This cake is best if baked one day ahead. If you're going to freeze the apples ahead, don't mix with any of these ingredients until you're ready to make the cake. Then defrost only enough to mix. Cr. Cheese Frosting 1 lb box of powdered sugar, 2 sm pkg cream cheese, softened. Add milk to desired consistency. You can peel and slice your apples and freeze them to use later in apple crisp, apple pie, and apple chunk cake . When freezing for crisp or pie I line the pan with plastic wrap then fill with sliced apples (heap them up). After they're frozen remove from pan and wrap for the freezer. C. Erickson ----