A Buche De Noel (French Yule Log Cake)

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A Buche De Noel (French Yule Log Cake)


--------------------------------FILLING BASE-------------------------------12 oz Semisweet baker's chocolate . melted with one third cup . strong coffee 1 tb Vanilla extract 3 tb Rum, dark, jamaican 4 tb Butter, unsalted, softened ----------------------------------FILLING---------------------------------4 tb Butter, unsalted, softened

---------------------------------DECORATION--------------------------------3 tb Unsweetened cocoa; in a tea . strainer Confectioner's sugar; in a . sifter -----------------------------SPUN CARAMEL VEIL----------------------------1 c Sugar, granualted 3 tb Syrup, corn, white SPECIAL EQUIPMENT SUGGESTED A jelly-roll pan about 11 by 43 cm; butter, wax paper, and flour for the pan; an electric blender or food processor for the aImonds; a table-model electric mixer for the meringue; a pastry bag with 1 cm tube opening and a separate tube with l/8-inch opening, for the mushrooms; a buttered and floured no-stick pas try sheet for the mushrooms; a serving board to hold the log plenty of wax paper; an oiled broom handle suspended between 2 chair backs and newspapers on the floor, for the caramel. For the directions, please see part #2 ----