Anco Chili Devil's Food Cupcakes With Roasted Macadamias

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rounds in paper cupcake liners. 6. Make the topping: If the macadamias are raw, roast them in a 350 degree oven, turning once, until they just begin to color. Place the chopped chocolate in a bowl, heat the whipping cream tii the point of a bowl and pour it over the chocolate. Let cool to warm then drizzle it over the cupcakes. Top with macadamia nuts. [Note: Ancho chili powder can be made by stemming and seeding whole ancho chilies and pulverizing them in an electric spice mill or coffee grinder. The poweder should be available at markets featuring Soutwestern ingredients or may be ordered by mail from G.B. Ratto & Co., 800-325-3483.] From Chicago Tribune Magazine 0. 14025245441.796.